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Rich in Organic Carbon

Organic Carbon helps in binding soil particles and contributes to better soil structure. It also acts as a source of food for usefful micro-organisms present in the soil supporting release of useful nutrients and promotes healthy and strong root development in plants.

Pure Organic

Organic Marine Nutrient helps in a paradigm of soil formation which will make it possible to grow healthy crops with fewer inputs making your farming
twice as profitable along with a social cause of helping and protecting mother earth.

Chemical Free

Janatha Organic Micro Nutrient brings stability and sustainability in the growth and production factors. Chemical Free Micronutrient impacts the manoeuvre of many metabolic enzymes, as well as the metabolism of several hormones.


It’s slow and steady yet it will win the race unlike a chemical fertilizer which tends to be fast yet harms the soil and damages the plant. As the breakdown happens the soil is aerated with organic matters which help the plant grow faster and stronger in light airy soil.


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