JUPITER GOLD is the natural & organic solution for insecticide and fungicide. Adequate coverage of plant leaves is necessary to provide disease and insect control. JUPITER GOLD prevents fungal attack on plant tissue and direct contact activity to insect pressures on the plant. Apply until plant runoff for maximum benefit.

General Application

  • Miticide Use - For control of mites on citrus, use JUPITER GOLD at a 1-2 ml per litre of water and spray mixture 250-300 ml/acre.
  • Fungicide Use - Apply JUPITER GOLD at a rate of 3-4ml per litre of water or 500 ml per acre. Repeat application every 14-21 days
  • Insecticide Use - Apply JUPITER GOLD at first sign of pest damage at a 1-2 ml per liter of water or 250-300ml per acre to ensure thorough coverage of plant and leaf surface. Repeat application as needed for adequate control every 14-21 days. Larger more mature crops will need higher amounts of water to ensure complete coverage.

For best mixing performance, do not mix JUPITER GOLD with water colder than 150C. Add sufficient water to the mixing tank before adding JUPITER GOLD to allow proper agitation. Add JUPITER GOLD when the tank is 1/2 to 3/4 full filling the remainder with water to form a milky appearing solution. For optimum results, keep constant agitation until the solution is used. For application in small equipment without agitation, stir or shake the solution frequently while applying. Care should be exercised in application timing to early morning or late evening to minimize potential for leaf burn and evaporation

JUPITOR GOLD – Crop Protector
Jupitor Gold Crop Protector is an excellent choice for controlling mites, mealy bugs, thrips, downy etc. All these diseases affect a wide variety of crops. Crop protector consists of a blend of Fish Oil and herbal Extracts. It is suitable for use in organic farm production and is an environmentally free and safe choice for traditional agriculture.


  • FSP is a clear liquid dark brown and with min Fishlike smell ingredient and the Final product is surely without burnt smell or gases state flavor.
  • It is used as a new attractant and adhesive agent due to its Fish like smell and high palatability, thus it has wide market prospect.
  • It content only water-soluble vitamins, & proteins and trace elements which is ideal for aquatic feed and pet food.
  • Outstanding digestibility particularly for short gastrointestinal system species (Prawns, shellfish, salmon fry, etc), fostering profitability in any intensive business scheme.

Amino Acid Profile (g/100g)

Fish oil (crude) 75%
Herbal Extracts 5%
Sikakai Powder 10%
Emulsifiers 10%


Jupiter Gold is suitable for all crops including vegetables, fruits, flowering plants, indoor plants, ferns, orchids, roses, lawns etc.

It could be used for preventive purpose mixing in 1-2 ml/liter of water. Repeat the process of spraying every 21 days for less than 3 month old crops. For crops which are more than 3 months, repeat the process for 21-30 days. As a curative, it could be applied in 3-4 ml/ liter of water and alter the dosage with respect to the intensity of the disease.