Fish Protein Hydrolysate (Fish Soluble Paste- Clear Liquid)

Organic Fertilizer Additive provides a rich source of nutrients that slowly break down and release nitrogen in to the soil. It is designed for use along with the current fertilizer. This natural product is run through an 80 mesh screen to make sure it will not clog your sprayer and will spread evenly during application.

General Description

  • As a rich binder, protein source and palatability enhancer.
  • Targeted to animal feed formulation, mainly for:
    • Aquaculture Feed
    • Pet Food
    • Pigs (early weaned)

Unique Characteristics

  • FSP is a clear liquid dark brown and with min Fishlike smell ingredient and the Final product is surely without burnt smell or gases state flavor.
  • It is used as a new attractant and adhesive agent due to its Fish like smell and high palatability, thus it has wide market prospect.
  • It content only water-soluble vitamins, & proteins and trace elements which is ideal for aquatic feed and pet food.
  • Outstanding digestibility particularly for short gastrointestinal system species (Prawns, shellfish, salmon fry, etc), fostering profitability in any intensive business scheme.

Amino Acid Profile (g/100g)

Threonine 1.10
Serine 1.02
Glutamic Acid 3.66
Proline 3.25
Glycine 2.27
Alanine 0.53
Cystine 0.55
Valine 0.69
Methionine 0.46
IsoLeucine 0.42
Leucine 1.22
Tyrosine 0.38
Phenylalanine 0.68
Histidine 8.19
Lysine 1.36
Arginine 7.14
Tryptophan 0.27
Aspartic acid 2.02


Crude protein 40% min
Ash 8-10% max
Fat 1% max
Moisture 45-50% max
pH 5-7
Antioxidant As per buyers requirement
Preservatives As per buyers requirement
As per buyers requirementAs per buyers requirement
  • Free from Salmonella, Shigella & E-coli.


  • Clear Liquid With Brown Color
  • Less viscous and Free Flowing
  • Contains 100% Water Soluble Macro & Micro Nutrients
  • Minimum Pleasant odour - No Foul Smell
  • Very useful to make foliar spray & drip fertilizers

Organic liquid Amino Acid Nitrogen Fertilizer is rich source of nutrients that slowly break down release nitrogen in soil. It is designed to use along with current fertilizer. It will not clog your sprayer and will spread

Optimum condition of storage

  • At ambient temperature
  • Away from sunlight
  • For up to 6 months following the date of manufacture
  • Packing: As per the buyers requirement.

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